How many t-shirts do I need to make a quilt?

It’s hard to know exactly how many t-shirts it will take to make a standard size quilt because of the differences in logo and graphic sizes. This chart gives you an estimated number of t-shirts for the most common quilts sizes.  We can make any size quilt–up to a king size– with your t-shirts.

Quilt Size in Inches Number of Shirts
Lap 52″ x 68″ 18-25
All-Purpose 60″ x 72″ 25-35
Twin 60″ x 84″ 30-40
Full 84″ x 92″ 40-50
Queen 92″ x 100″ 50-60
King 100″ x 112″ 60-80
Pillow 24″ x 24″ 4-10

If you have more t-shirts than you need, you can send a few extra in a separate bag. All you need to do is mark the bag “extra shirts” and we will use those only if needed.

Once we have your t-shirts cut we will know exactly what size quilt your t-shirts will make. We will notify you and request approval of your quilt size and cost before proceeding in the quilt process.  At that point you will have the option to make your quilt smaller or larger if you wish to do so. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the quilt is based on the size and number of shirts used. Please see our PRICING page.

What other items can be included in your quilt?

As long as it’s washable it can be incorporated in your quilt. Bandanas, jerseys, baby blankets, nylon warm-up jackets, leotards, baby bibs, old gym uniforms, sweatshirts and sweatpants, patches…the possibilities are nearly endless.  We do not recommend using t-shirts with fabric paint, which tends to crack and have sharp edges that could damage your other t-shirts.

How long does it take to complete?

Once we receive your t-shirts it will take approximately 6-12 weeks, depending on how many orders we have at that time.  We will give you a more specific timeframe after we receive your t-shirts.

How should I wash/care for my t-shirt quilt?

Wash your quilt in cold water and tumble dry on low.  DO NOT dry clean your quilt. The chemicals are too harsh and can deteriorate your t-shirt logos.  Your quilt can be washed many times over, we want you to use your quilt and know that it will last!

What kind of fabric is on the back?

We use 100% cotton, Robert Kaufman Kona fabric. You are able to choose the color backing, binding and optional BORDER.

How do I pay for my Quilt?

Once your quilt is complete we will send you a picture of your completed quilt, and at that time will request your full payment. After payment is received, your quilt will be shipped to you. You may pay by cash/check, Venmo or Zelle.

What is the difference between binding and the border?

The binding is the edge that goes around the quilt, it is what finishes the quilt. The border is optional and can be added to “frame” the quilt or to increase the size if you do not have enough t-shirts and would like your quilt larger.  Please see our BORDER page.

Can I add a photo to my quilt?

YES!  We can add photos to your quilt; however, we ask that you have the fabric photos made separately.  You want to use a high quality photo transfer so your photo’s can last through the washing of your quilt.

What if I already cut some of my shirts?

We can still make you a quilt, but please don’t cut anymore!  We may need to remount some of the shirts you cut if they do not fit our template block sizes, but it can be done!

Why does it cost so much to have a t-shirt quilt made?

Making a custom t-shirt quilt not only takes care and attention to detail, but it is also a time intense job that requires high quality material and fabrics. All of this will make a difference you can see, in both the quality and durability of your quilt.