It’s not just any T-shirt Quilt!

Minnesota T-Shirt Quilts is dedicated to making quality, one-of-a-kind heirloom t-shirt quilts. The most important thing to us is that you are 100% satisfied with your quilt!  What makes our quilts different is the unique design, the special items you can add to your quilt, the custom quilting and the high quality fabrication and construction  and care we put into your quilt.

Custom Cut: Block Size

Each quilt block is cut into sizes that appropriately “frame” the logo on your shirt. We do not cut off portions of the logo, which happens if you choose a quilt maker who cuts all the blocks the same size.

Flexibility: You Can Use More Than Just T-Shirts

You can use more than just your favorite t-shirts in your quilt! As long as the item is washable we are happy to try and incorporate it into your quilt. Sweat shirts, sport jerseys, hats, patches can all be used in your quilt.

Quality T-Shirt Quilts

Custom: Free-Hand Machine Quilting

Meandering design now being used for all quilts.

Your quilt is free-hand machine quilted on a professional grade, long arm quilting machine.  We never “tie” our t-shirt quilts, like some quilt makers do, because this will not secure your fabrics appropriately and may significantly reduce how long your quilt will last.  Our long-arm machine quilting is optimal for both design and durability.

High Quality Materials: Fabric and Supplies Matter

We make sure to use high quality fabric and supplies to assure you have a long lasting t-shirt quilt to pass on for generations. There are 3 main fabric components to create your t-shirt quilt. First, we create the “quilt top” using the shirts and clothing items you provide to us.

Second, we insert the middle layer called the “batting.”  This is the insulating material to give you warmth when you use your quilt.  We use Legacy 80/20 (80% cotton, 20% polyester), a soft and durable batting that is machine wash-able and allows for good quilt stitch definitions.  It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Lastly, we complete the quilt with a backside fabric called “backing.”  We use 100% Robert Kaufman Kona cotton backing fabric in a solid color of your choosing. Using the solid color fabric allows you to see the custom quilted stitching that makes the back look as good as the front.

Using good quilt products is essential to making your t-shirt quilt durable and everlasting.

Customer Review:

The quilt is awesome!  Thank you for the attention to detail and the excellent workmanship.
Everyone is amazed. The quilt will be a keepsake in my family for decades.
Thank you for making my day!
– Thomas M. Minneapolis, MN

Ultimately, using quality products is essential in making your special quilt durable and everlasting.  Our goal is to create quilts you can really use-we don’t want your t-shirt quilt kept in a drawer.  We create functional, washable, high quality quilts that will be used and cherished for years!