Memorial T-shirt Quilts

Response From a Customer

This letter below is an example of why it really is “more then just a t-shirt quilt”, and why I love making memory quilts for customers.      Nancy Tokar,  Minnesota T-shirt Quilts

February 10th, 2018


I have spent hours trying to put into words the impact of your work on myself an my family.  My mom, Nancy English, passed away almost ten years ago and everyday like the sun, a memory of her rises and then set in my heart. A community sign in Duluth read, “Goodbye Dr. English, as tender loss. Runners listen close, you’ll hear her footfalls beside you.” She was avid runner, running over 8 marathons, dozens of 10 milers and half marathons – all the while keeping every single one of her race shirts. Between all three of us, my sister, my dad and I, we knew that something special was going to be put together using her race shirts. That something special was you, Minnesota T-Shirt Quilts.

Nancy, in getting off the phone with you that first time, tears covered my eyes – I thought “she even has mom’s name!” It was then, I knew we were in good “quilting hands.” Those tears came rolling in again when I left your home picking up the finished quilts, so grateful of your time, your skill and the compassion you showed throughout the process. A steady stream of emotions came later in the evening when my dad officially presented my sister and I with the quilts. I snapped the top off the blue bin, grabbed the quilt you nicely wrapped with a bow, and unfolded in awe.

We sat staring…staring at the beauty, the artistry and the memories of my mom quilted in every inch and in each of the race shirts.

So, thank you. Thank you for giving us a gift of remembrance. On behalf of my whole family, we Thank You.