T-Shirt Quilt Stories

T-shirt Quilts Tell a Story

I love hearing about the meaning of all the t-shirts I receive.  A concert, a place, an event, an accomplishment, whatever the shirt represents, I love knowing about the importance of the quilt I am making for a customer.  This blog page will be dedicated to an on-going list of quilts where customers have shared the significance of their quilt.  If your quilt is not displayed here, it may be because I did not get a good picture- please feel free to send me one with your comments to add. This will be my quilt diary of the quilts I have made.

Memory Quilts Made Out of a Mothers Clothing 12.18.2017

Three Colorful quilts made out of a mix of a mothers t-shirts, blouses and dresses. A way to keep a loved ones thoughts close and warm to your heart.





Alex’s Quilt 12.16.2017

“Nancy did an amazing job on this memorial quilt for my daughter made out of her brother’s clothes. She took such care in incorporating Alex in every part of the quilt.  Alex gained his angel wings three years ago. Its such a treasure for Madison for years to come. Thanks so much Nancy. It is so beautiful.”




The Rink Rat Quilt 12.15.2017

Here in Minnesota when you make it to the high school state tournaments in any sport, there is a tradition of getting a Rink Rat Shirt that represents that years school participants. The rats are customized in the uniforms that coordinate with the schools that have been fortunate enough to make it that far. Many of the quilts I have made will have one or two Rat shirts that the quilt owner participated in. This is a unique quilt of a father and son that made it a tradition to go watch the state high school hockey tournament yearly. These shirts represent those outings from 1996 to 2017, only missing one year in 2006.  I just think this is really cool!

The Chancellor’s Quilt


This quilt was made out of the sashes of a college chancellor.   I was honored to make, and it was a special birthday gift from his children.