What To Do with a Loved One’s Clothing

First and foremost, let me say I am sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is painful and difficult, and it is important to take your time during the grieving process. If you searched for and found this site, you may be ready to consider what to do with your loved one’s clothing.

If you are a friend supporting someone through the grieving process, please make sure to give this person ample time before pursuing the task of going through closets and sorting through clothing items. This can be a stressful process, and there is no right way or time to do it. Clothing has the potential to bring back many happy memories but the process of sorting through these items can be overwhelming. Some people may want to get it done right away, while others may need more time to think about it or ready themselves to tackle that task.

If you are the supportive friend reading this, please encourage your friend to consider the idea of creating a memory quilt before they begin the sorting process. I have heard this statement so many times from people after seeing a memory quilt: “I wish I had kept his or her clothing. I would have loved to have a memory quilt made.”

Memory Quilt

Memory Quilts:

A memory quilt, t-shirt quilt, remembrance quilt, memorial quilt-these all refer to the same thing. It is a quilt made from a loved one’s clothing.  Memory quilts are a wonderful way to keep your loved one close to you. Not only does the quilt provide warmth and functionality, but it also keeps those happy memories there for you to see daily. Hopefully, it also offers comfort, a tangible, tactile reminder of your loved one.

How To Get Started:

Going through your loved ones clothing may seem like a huge task. One way to approach this is to break it down. Make 3 piles: pile one should contain items to donate, and, pile two should be reserved for items you definitely want to keep. These may be items you want to give to family or friends, to save for yourself, or to be made into a quilt, pillow, or other memorial item. The last pile should be for items you are not sure what you want to do with.  Give yourself some time and then go back to the last pile and divide again.

What Clothing Items Can be Added To A Quilt?

A memory quilt can be made out of any items as long as it’s washable. Flannel shirts, jeans, neck-ties, dress shirts, patches from hats and of course t-shirts are a few common items included in memory quilts.

A Customer’s Perspective:

My husband passed away in 2011. We had been married for 27 years. He was and always will be the love of my life. My husband had a lot of t-shirts and hockey jerseys. About 9 months after he passed away I was ready to go through his clothing and I was excited to have a quilt made. When I received the finished quilt, I was in ‘awe’ looking at the quilt and just cried.  I had no idea how it would look, but it sure was beautiful. It helped me with my grieving.  I couldn’t wait to lay it on my bed. The stitching on the back of the quilt was just exquisite.  Nancy has such a talent and her love for quilt making shows in the end product. Such a beautiful memory I have of the shirts my husband wore on a quilt.

Renee Tokar

Minnesota T-shirt Quilts is humbled and honored to make you a quilt in remembrance of your loved one’s life and adventures. If you are interested in more information on how to have a quilt made, please visit our website at www.mntshirtquilts.com